December 10, 2010

Water and Energy

Growing attention is being paid to the nexus between water and energy, each of which is necessary to the other, and both of which are running short.

Here are some presentations giving the basics of the relationship:

World Economic Forum, Thirsty Energy: Water and Energy in the 21st Century (2009)

Matt Simmons, Twin Threats to Resource Scarcity: Oil and Water (2010)

Peter H. Gleick, "Has the U.S. Passed the Point of Peak Water," Huffington Post, October 12, 2010

Ibid, The World's Water: Peak Water, China's Growing Disaster, and Solutions to the World's Water Crisis (January 2009)

Michael Webber, "Energy versus Water: Solving Both Crises Together," Scientific American, October 2008 (behind paywall)

Sandra Postel, "Water: Will There Be Enough," Energy Bulletin (Yes! Magazine), June 2010

National Geographic, Freshwater

The Pacific Institute (homepage)

World Policy Institute, "The Water-Energy Nexus," March 2011


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