Charts, Graphs, and Tables


--Breakeven Oil Price in 2010 for Highly Technical Oil [TOTAL]
--10 Largest Oil Fields Discovered Between 2001 and 2010 [Fortune]
--Global Oil Supply Disruptions by Average Gross Supply Losses, 1956-2011 [Agora Financial]
--Oil Production by 2020-2030 at 95 Million Barrels per day [TOTAL]
--Undulating Plateau Vs. Peak Oil, 1990-2070 [Cambridge Energy Research Associates]
--Projected Oil Output Above 2009 Level for Saudi Arabia, Iraqi, Iran, and Libya [Wall Street Journal]
--Oil Demand Price and Income Elasticities, 1990-2009, OECD and Non-OECD [International Monetary Fund]
--Global Fuel Supply Projections (2011-2017) Assuming IMF Price Elasticities for Oil [Early Warning]
--Oil Price Projections (2011-2017) Assuming IMF Income Elasticities for Oil [Early Warning]
--World Oil Production by Type in the New Policies Scenario, 1990-2035 [International Energy Agency]
--Incremental Oil Production by Key Country in the New Policies Scenario, 2009-2035 [International Energy Agency]
--World Oil Projections (2005 to 2035) from the EIA International Energy Outlook, Editions 2000-2010

--Marginal Cost of a Barrel of Oil (2007 Dollars). Estimates of the Cost of Oil Production from Various Locations. Data from Cambridge Energy Research Associates [Energy Bulletin]
--Breakeven Oil Price for Highly Technical Oil Projects, 2010 [Total]
--Iraqi Oil Production, 2000-2010 [Early Warning]
--Iraqi Oil Production, 1930-2010 (Projections to 2020 Under Al-Shahristani Plan) [Early Warning]
--OPEC Surplus Crude Oil Production Capacity, January 2011 [Energy Information Administion]
--Projection of OPEC Conventional, non-OPEC Conventional, and Unconventional Liquids Production to 2035 [Energy Information Administration]
--World Energy Production, 2005-2030 [TOTAL]
--Oil Production and Consumption, by Region, 1971-2010 [Economist]


--U.S. Electrical Generating Capacity by Year Placed in Operation, 1940-2008
--Cost to Produce a Gallon of Diesel by Fuel Source (Oil and Natural Gas) and Refining Cost [New York Times]
--Natural Gas Prices Per Million BTU, 2000-2010 [Wall Street Journal]
--Natural Gas Prices in U.S., Europe, and Japan, 1995-2011 [Post-Carbon Institute]
--Number of U.S. Producing Natural Gas Wells Versus the Average Productivity of Each Well, 1990-2010 [Post-Carbon Institute]
--Annual Number of Successful U.S. Natural Gas Wells Versus Total U.S. Dry Gas Production, 1990-2010 [Post Carbon Institute]
--Methane Concentrations As a Function of Distance to Nearest Gas Well [Duke University]
--Shale Gas As a Percentage of U.S. Natural Gas Production, 2000-2010 [Wall Street Journal]
--Toxic Contamination from Natural Gas Wells [New York Times]
--Average Barnett Shale Horizontal Well Cumulative Production by Operator [Arthur Berman]
--Average Barnett Shale Horizontal Well Cumulative Production, All Operators [Arthur Berman]


 --Benchmark "Sweet" Crude Oil Price, Brent, West Texas Intermediate, and Others, June 30, 2010-February 25, 2011 [Bianco]
--Unleaded Gas and West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil, February 2010-February 2011 [Fortune]
--Brent-West Texas Intermediate Spread, 1989-2011 [Early Warning]
--Brent-West Texas Intermedate Spread, 2007-June 2011 [Bespoke]

--West Texas Intermediate Crude, 2006-2011 [Stockcharts] 
--Saudi Arabia Oil Production, 1995-2011 [Early Warning]
--Saudi Arabia Rig Count, 1995-2011 [Early Warning]
--OECD Commercial Oil Stocks, January 2006-December 2012 (projection) [Energy Information Administration] 
--U.S. Crude Oil Stocks, January 2006-December 2012 (projection) [Energy Information Administration] 
--World Usable Commercial-Oil Stocks, 12 month moving average, 2007-2010 [Wall Street Journal]
--Conversion Factors (Metric Tonnes, Kilolitres, Barrels, US Gallons, Barrels per Day) [BP]


--Ten Indicators of a Warming World [National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration]
--Average Global Temperature Anomaly, Departure from 1961-1990 Average [New York Times]
--Global Temperature Anomaly, 1880-2005[?] [Heinberg]
--Annual Global Temperature, 1880-2010 [New York Times] 
--Global Surface Temperatures, 1880-2010, Four Independent Records [NASA] 
--Changes in Temperature, Sea Level and Northern Hemisphere Snow Cover, 1850-2008[?]
--Multi-Model Averages and Assessed Ranges for Surface Warming, 1900-2100 [IPCC]

--U.S. CO2 Emissions in 2005 by Sector and Fuel [American Scientist]
--Global CO2 Emissions, 1988-2008 [FT]--How to Cut Emissions, 15 Stabilization Wedges, 1957-2057 [National Geographic]
--The Stabilization Triangle: Carbon Emissions to 2050 [Princeton Carbon Mitigation Initiative]
--15 Wedge Strategies in 4 Categories [Princeton Carbon Mitigation Initiative]
--Key Technologies for Reducing CO2 Emissions Under the BLUE Map Scenario [International Energy Agency]
--Energy and Emission Trends under the Baseline and BLUE Map Scenarios: 2050 Compared to 2007, Table, Part 1 [International Energy Agency]
--Energy and Emission Trends under the Baseline and BLUE Map Scenarios: 2050 Compared to 2007, Table, Part 2 [International Energy Agency]

--Number of Sunspots and Sea Surface Temperature, 1860-1980 [The Resilient Earth]
--Sunspots, Tree Rings, and Temperatures, 1050-1900, CE [The Resilient Earth]


--Oil Prices, Gasoline Shortages, and Other Key Factors: Summary of Significant Events Since World War II [Jim Hamilton] 
--Oil Price, 24-Month Percent Change, 1965-2011 (Recessions Shaded) [David Rosenberg]
--Ratio of Energy Prices to Consumer Prices, 1925-2011 (Recession Shaded) [Early Warning]
--Relationship Between Per Capita Energy Consumption and GDP Growth (OECD, Middle-Income, and Other Emerging Market Economies) [International Monetary Fund]
--Oil Dependency as a Percentage of Energy Use; Actual Debt Change 2008-2009 as Percentage of GDP, North America and EU [Oil Drum]
--Oil Dependency as a Percentage of Energy Use; Government Debt 2009 as Percentage of GDP, North America and EU [Oil Drum]
--US Average Annual Total Energy Consumption in Quadrillion BTU, 1975-2010 [Gregor McDonald]
--Percentage of Oil from Foreign Sources, Nixon to Obama [Mad Hedge Fund Trader]


--World Energy Companies by Market Capitalization, March 2011 [Fortune]
--Average Correlations of Indexed and Off-Index Commodities, 1971-2011 [Bank of Japan]
--Dollar Value of Commercial, Speculator, and Index Speculator Positions in Commodity Index Futures, 2000-2008 [Michael Masters]
--Open Interest (U.S. and Global) in Commodity and Equity Futures Markets, 2000-2011 [Bank of Japan] 
--Saudi Arabia Stock Market, March 2010-March 2011 [Bloomberg]
--Saudi Arabia Stock Market, March 2006-March 2011 [Bloomberg]
--Oil Company Exposure to Middle East and North Africa [Financial Times]
--Total OPEC Net Oil Export Revenues, 1975-2012 [Energy Information Administration]
--OPEC Net Oil Export Revenues, By Country, 2010-2012 [Energy Information Administration]


--China's Share of World Commodity Consumption [Grantham]
--China Percentage Share of  Global Coal Consumption, 1965-2009 [Oil Drum]
--China's Energy Supply: Percentage Share by Fuel of Total Primary Energy Supply in 2008 [National Post]

--Chinese Imports as a Percentage of Crude Oil Supply, 2002-2010 [Financial Times]
--United States and China: Share of Oil Demand That is Imported, 1990-2016 [New York Times]
--China's Strategic Crude Oil Stockpile Plan [Financial Times]
--Sub-Saharan Africa Merchandise Trade with China [Financial Times] 
--China: Investment in World Resources From 2005 [Forbes]
--China's Coal Production in Billion Tons, 2004-2009 [Wall Street Journal]

--World Population and Energy Demand Growth, 1900-2100 [National Energy Technology Laboratory]
--World Population, GDP and Energy Demand Growth, 1980-2030 [Total] 
--Egypt: Population, 21% Growth Since 2000 [Oil Drum]
--Egypt: Percent of Monthly Spending by Category [Credit Suisse]
--Emerging and Developed Economies Share of Global Energy Consumption, 1996-2010 [Bank of Japan]
--Emerging and Developed Economies Contribution to Year on Year Growth in Energy Consumption, 1996-2010 [Bank of Japan]
--Share of Proven Global Coal Reserves at End of 2009, Selected Regions [BP-WSJ]


--Fossil Fuel Subsidies Worldwide, 2009 ($Billions and Percentage of GDP) [Financial Times]
--Effective Income Tax Rates of Largest U.S. Non-Financial Companies, 2006-2010 [Financial Times]
--Gasoline Prices and Taxes, Selected OECD Countries, April-May 2011


--Price Index of 33 Commodities, 1900-2011 [Grantham]
--Endangered Element Periodic Table [Chemistry World]
--Net Energy (Maximum Energy Return on Investment) [Heinberg]


--U.S. Annual and Quarterly Wind Installations, 2000-2010 [American Wind Energy Association]
--TAN (Solar Power etf) and FAN (Wind Power etf), April 2008-January 2011 [Stockcharts]
--Solar Power: Energy Index Ratio; Solar Power: Coal Index Ratio, April 2008-January 2011 [Stockcharts]
--Clean Energy Index: Coal Index Ratio, January 2005-January 2011 [Stockcharts] 
--Cost of Wind Compared to Fuel It Replaces [Oil Drum]
--Solar Module Pricing Trends, 1985-2011 [Climate Progress]
--Solar GWp Shipped per Year, 2000-2011 [Climate Progress] 
--PV Capacity and Typical Summer Load [Climate Progress]


--Coal Production and Consumption, by Region, 1985-2010 [BP]
--Projected Thermal Coal Supply and Demand, 2011 (Seaborne Imports and Exports) [Wall Street Journal]
--U.S. Coal Fired Plants Supplied by the Powder River Basin [Wild Earth] 


--U.S. Electrical Generating Capacity by Year Placed in Operation, 1940-2008
--Comparative Costs for Generating Electricity, IEA 2006


--Shares of Nuclear Power Consumption by Region, 1982-2007 [BP]
--U.S. Nuclear Power Plants That Will Reach 60 Years of Operation by 2035 [Energy Information Administration]
--Biggest Nuclear Energy Providers, 2009 (Terrawatt Hours and Share of Total Domestic Production) [The Economist]
U.S. Electrical Generating Capacity by Year Placed in Operation, 1940-2008


--Lakes Powell and Mead Percent of Full Capacity, 1999-2010 [New York Times]
--Lakes Powell and Mead Elevation, 1964-2010 and 1937-2010  [New York Times]
--Partial List of State, Federal, and Nongovernmental Organizations With Responsibility for Western Water Policy [Gleick]
--Southwestern States' Projected Groundwater Extraction, 2010-2110 [Stockholm Environmental Institute]
--The World's Largest Crops: 2009 Production of Rice, Wheat, and Corn (Millions of Tons and World Share by Country) [New York Times]
--Size of Dead Zone in Gulf of Mexico, 1985-2011


--Leading World Exporters of Corn (U.S., Argentina, China, Other), 1960-2010 [Jim Quinn]
--Food Price vs. Oil Price, 2000-2011 [Paul Chefurka]
--U.S. Ethanol Production, 1980-2012 [Jim Quinn]
--U.S. Grain Used for Ethanol, 1980-2009 [Jim Quinn]
--Wheat Production and Consumption in Saudi Arabia, 1995-2010, with Projection to 2015 [Earth Policy Institute]
--Countries Overpumping Aquifers in 2010 [Earth Policy Institute]
--World Grain Stocks as Days of Consumption, 1960-2010 [Earth Policy Institute]
--Price Indexes for Food, Meat, Dairy, Cereals, Oils, and Sugar, 1990-2010
--Farmland Values for US Midwest, 1971-2011 [Financial Times]
--World Distribution of Arable Land Compared to Distribution of Population, 2011 [Dupont Advisory Committee


--Arctic Sea Ice Volume and Trend, 1979-2011 [PIOMAS: Pan Arctic Ice Ocean Modeling and Assimilation System]
--Arctic Sea Ice Extent, July-November, 2007-2010 [National Snow and Ice Data Center]
--Arctic Sea Ice Volume Trends, 2010 (Projections to 2012-2016) [Maslowski]
--Arctic Ice Extent Loss Greater Than Forecast in Global Climate Models [Maslowski]